Incorporate in 1992, SOKITECH started life as an industrial supplier, during 1993, the company change direction to specialize in temperature sensing, particulary with Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometer Detector (RTD) supplying industrial in large. The temperature sensing range was sleadily widened to include component such as wire, cable, connector, controller to encompass all aspects of sensing. Then bring benefit to the customer in needs.


To become a trustworthy and preferred Temperature sensing manufacture & supplier in Indonesia Industries.


To Provide our clients with most suitable and effective solutions & services to achieve a Safety, Reliability, Quality and profitability mills.


  • To optimize clients' supply chain management with comprehensive range inventories of products & spareparts.
  • Provide clients with most suitable products & systems with our expertise, know-how, excellent analytical, problem solving & Root cause analysis skills.
  • In-depth understanding of Client application operations & challenges, works together & constant search for improvements to achieve objectives of Efficient, Safety, Reliability, Optimum production up time of Mills & production lines by implementing predictive maintenance with our comprehensive range of products & services.
  • Support sustainable energy supply and environmental preservation by utilized Energy saving products & systems to achieve Zero waste of Energy.


Thermocouple, RTD, Thermowell, extention & compensating wire, Digital thermometer & hand held probe, temperature transmitter, NON Contact Temperature sensor, RH Humidity, Wireless Temperature and special custom made to order sensor.


March 1992

Establish PT SOKINDO MAS PERMAI as a Industrial & supplier company in Surabaya and East Java Area. Specialize in temperature sensor equipment.

June 1993

Expand company scope of supply with electric heating Product such as, heater , oven & furnace and temperature control product.

January 1994

Sole agent for Shimaden temperature controller Japan In East java. Establish assembly plant for Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple & RTD) in Surabaya with SOKITECH brand name.

April 1995

Set up an affiliate company at Semarang ,Central Java.

January 2002

Set up company new division Focusing on Level & Pressure Measuring Instrument.

December 2003

Distributor for " Fine Automation" Taiwan For Level Measuring product indonesia Sole agent for Watlow,USA For electric heating, Power control, and Temperature product.

February 2004

Set up Jakarta Representative office.

January 2005

Set up PT Fine Level Indonesia as Sole Agent of FINE Automation products for Indonesia.

June 2012

Sole agent PR transmitter, Sondar ultrasonic for Indonesia.

January 2013

Rename company to SOKITECH Sensor engineering & restructure company vision to focus on assembly & manufacture temperature sensor ( thermocouple & RTD ) for Indonesia industry.

November 2014

SOKITECH registered as Trade Mark of Sokitech sensor engineering

December 2014

ORANGE Instrument registered as Trade Mark of Sokitech sensor engineering