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  • Extreme low power
  • Long battery life
  • Long distance range (3.5 Km LoS)
  • Universal sensor input
  • Real time transmission


  • Supports up to 16 THW401 Temperature
  • Transmitters
  • Long distance range (3.5 Km LoS)
  • 1sec network refresh time
  • RS485 interface with Modbus protocol

THW Starter Kit

  • THW401 Wireless Transmitter;
  •  WGW410 Wireless Gateway;
  • BUZ head including 6X50 mm “K” thermocouple probe;
  • Antennas and accessories;
  • RS485 to USB configuration cable;
  • Suitcase.

RS485 to USB Converter Cable

Cable to connect WGW410 Gateway to an USB port.