aplication glass


Replacement Thermocouple Elements

Re-crystalized Silicon Carbide Thermocouples Individual platinum elements as well as Components to fit all OEM Furnaces


Control, over temperature and profile
Calibrations- R, S, B, PII, C, D, G, K, N
Typical Applications: All Solar Industries, PV, multicrystalline silicon ingots, thin film, Semiconductor, Optoelectronics, LED., Crystal growing methods, HEM, EFG & Top Seeded Solution Growth.



Alumina Oxide Sheathed Thermocouples


Calibrations: R, S, B, & C (W5)
Typical Applications: Solar processes, Metal treatment, Brick & ceramic Kilns, Glass and Quartz Industries



Platinum Coated Alumina Thermocouples

Operating Temperatures up to 1600°C


Control, over temperature, and profile
Calibrations- R, S, B
Typical Applications: Glass Crown and Bottom Metl Furnaces